Our goal is to help you lead a healthy life

Access offers you programs that help you improve your health:


The telemedicine service puts you in touch with a doctor no matter where you are. Just provide your health history information. Then, when you need care, request a consultation.


24/7 Health Hotline

You can contact us at any time whenever you need help. If you have an emergency and not sure what to do, you can reach out to our 24/7 health hotline to guide you on what to do.

Health Management

When you need help managing your chronic conditions, we offer you personal health coaching through our chronic illness management program to help you reach your health goals. You’ll get one-on-one confidential support from a registered nurse who is specially trained for your condition.

Weight management programs

You can follow up with a dietitian to help you eat healthily, plan your meals, and create a weight loss program for you to help you lose weight.

Mental Health Support

Our professional experts provide you with confidential counseling when you need it and will help you determine the best route for therapy.