India is the world's most populous democracy, the second-most populated country by area, and the seventh-largest nation overall. Since gaining its independence, it has made socioeconomic progress on all fronts. India is predicted to surpass China as the world's most populated country by 2028. India has achieved agricultural self-sufficiency and is already one of the world's top industrialized nations. It also has one of the fastest expanding economies and the largest democracy.

Health care

Public hospitals typically have poor facilities and long wait periods for care due to a lack of financial assistance from the government. The public healthcare system in India's rural areas is turned much worse by the country's poor sanitation. However, the large cities have some of the most reputable hospitals, both public and private, that are equipped with all modern facilities. Private hospitals in India are so well-equipped that foreigners can feel secure receiving medical care there. In private healthcare institutions, expats can expect board-certified medical professionals and cutting-edge technology. India is gradually gaining popularity as a destination for medical tourism since, in general, medical prices there are so much lower than in the West. All expats moving to India are strongly encouraged to purchase health insurance.


Indian cuisine is made up of a range of regional and traditional dishes that are indigenous to the country. Given the diversity of the soil, climate, culture, ethnic groups, and occupations, these cuisines differ greatly and use ingredients that may be found nearby, including fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. Due to variations in local culture, geography location (closeness to the sea, desert, or mountains), and economics, cuisine varies across India's several regions. According to which fruits and vegetables are ripe, it varies seasonally as well. Popular dishes in India are Masala, butter chicken, chicken tikka, Pakora, fish curry, and more .

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