AI In Medical Records

AI In Medical Records

AI In Medical Records

Imagine a world where doctors can ditch the mountains of paperwork and focus on what they do best: seeing patients. A recent study published in Acta Orthopaedica suggests this may be closer than we think, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Researchers in Switzerland put an AI program called ChatGPT to the test. They tasked ChatGPT with creating discharge summaries for fictional patients, mirroring real-world cases. Human doctors also created summaries for the same patients.

Here’s the surprising part: a panel of experts couldn’t tell the difference between the AI-generated and doctor-written summaries! Not only were they equally accurate, but the AI whipped them up in a tenth of the time!

This is exciting news for a profession drowning in paperwork. Dr. Cyrus Brodén, the lead researcher, highlights the potential of AI to “reduce the administrative burden on healthcare professionals,” freeing up doctors to spend more time with patients.

This initial study paves the way for further exploration. Researchers are planning a larger trial with real patient data to unlock the full potential of AI in healthcare.

Read more about this topic in the article “Chat GPT Can Produce Medical Records Ten Times Faster Than Doctors” on US News.

Reference: Chat GPT and Medical Records

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